Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pie. It's what we want.

Pre-Oven - So Pretty!
I received three of my Grandmother's cookbooks for Christmas a few years ago. One of these cookbooks being, Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, from I think the 1960's but I cannot find a copyright. This really inspired me to try out my Pie making skills. This brought on my very first Pie, a nice Blackberry. I got some good reviews on this pie. It pushed me toward a Marionberry Pie and Peach Cobbler (too sloopy).

 Thanksgiving brought on more Pie opportunities. I helped my Mom with two Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pies. I made a Cherry (from a can) and an Apple (from one online recipe and good ole' Betty - I just made it up really). I did however make the Pie Crust for all of them with an Awesome recipe from an Awesome lady (Jean).
Apple Pie Post Oven Shot - Lumps of Flavor

The next step and big question is...what Pie should I try next? Or should I try to perfect these Pies (and one cobbler that was not cobbler esc but cobblerish- It was an island of biscuits in a sea of peachy syrupness)? This brings up another good question, Tarts?
We shall see...

PS: Never ask about my first Chocolate Cream Pie. It never happened. Never.


  1. Thank you for making the distinction between cobbler esc and cobbler ish.

    I vote you make McDonald's bacon and potato pie that enjoyed limited success in japan.

  2. "...horrendous, disgusting, amazing." Oh my. These are good suggestions, haha.

  3. You should totally make a key lime pie :D :D :D