Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Carols sung by barking dogs on a keyboard?

Happy Birthday to my brother Todd.
I didn't bake anything today... However, I did jam out on my keyboard with some Christmas carols. I feel my time spent keeping my hands busy, and festive, will prove helpful with all of the Christmas themed baking I will be doing this weekend with my Mum.

This day was not what I had anticipated, but I am thankful for Dolly and Marie (mafia wives...) from my schools Financial Aid Department for fixing my last term of Community College. If I had an excess of funds I think I would make them each a pie. Probably the top requested pie I have helped to make (one request from Miss April), Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Oh and I am glad for Counter-Strike Source with my mates : )

Random day, but good day = random post. So I will leave you with this last bit of randomness...Three is a Magic Number.

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  1. Counter-Strike was great! And your video reminded me of my favorite School House Rock: