Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pass the milk. These cat treats are dry.

Today I made my own "Kitty Treats," courtesy of www.healthyrecipesforpets.com.
I'm going to be honest, I tried one. It was dry with a hint of chicken aftertaste. I can see why my cat turned her nose up at them and where a look of, "You're insane, not only did you eat that, but you made that" came from. I just wanted a more wholesome option for my furry best friend to eat. I try to eat organic when I can afford to, and generally home cooked foods. Why can't my cat have that luxury too? 

So, I am passing on some "Kitty Treats" to a few mates to see what their furry pals think of them...
Aside from cat food (haha) I am still looking over the pie comments and keeping in mind what to try out next. I kind of need more funds to buy most of the ingredients for any pie, really, at the moment.... but it will be done!

I am tossing around the idea in my mind now of selling my baked goods. My friend Martin last night asked if I had ever thought about selling them over the internet. I really have not even considered that a possibility. I think if someone really wanted something I would love to make it for them... It's fun nonetheless to just think of such a possibility.

My first Challah
Thus far, I am comfortable with my bread making skills, some pies, some cookies... some cakes... I think if I had more practice and honest eaters of baked goods, maybe I would be more willing to give it a go. Oh and willing eaters and/or buyers to begin with. That may help out the process. I'm not really sure how well a homemade pie ships either...

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  1. I can eat honestly, but I cannot buy honestly at this juncture. Your Challah also looks incredible. Like you tore it right off Helga the Viking's scalp. YUMMY!