Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pecan Pie!

Spring has started but I still have many winter Pies on the index to make yet... I thought Pecan Pie could suit a sunny, almost spring like day, but would still fullfill the winter Pie list.

To try and include a photo of myself during this process: As requested by Braden...

On page 313 the Pecan Pie recipe states this: "Traditional recipe from Tidewater Virginia. The choice among all desserts served at world renowned Williamsburg Inn in restored colonial Williamsburg." After reading this I decided to Google the Williamsburg Inn. I don't see any mention of said Pecan Pie but it certainly seems like a beautiful place. I'll let you Google it, as well, to see for yourself.

I started out this Pie by making the one crust recipe from page 310.
Unbaked Pie Shell
Next-- Assembled the filling. This filling had me a bit apprehensive because for 1. I had never made a Pecan Pie before and 2. everything was brown at the end. The first ingredients I added was the sugar and melted butter, I did this first because it helped the sugar melt slightly and it also gave me time to mix the two together so that the butter would cool down. Seeing as I just put hot, melted butter in the bowl, I wanted to cool it first before I added the eggs in the recipe. If you don't you may end up with scrambled bits of eggs in your filling and honestly that is gross. 

Sugar and Melted Butter

The eggs were added last, after I sprinkled in salt and the dark corn syrup-that apparently only exists on the bottom left corner of isle 7 at Fred Meyers. 

 The VERY last step to the filling was of course the Pecans, chopped in half. If you buy your Pecans in bulk like I do, you may want to bring along a measuring cup and purchase about a cup and 1/4 cup of whole Pecans. When you chop them in half it reduces the mass in your cup. Also, a little side note for the Pecans: it was less expensive to buy in bulk. Not only were they natural but they didn't have any random additives or were as costly as the prepackaged Pecans on the baking isle of the store. 

Pecans added: Before being baked

 This is the first entry I have made while actually eating the Pie I am writing about. I don't know if this means the pie has improved a lot, but I would like to think so. 

I really enjoyed making this traditional Pie and am definitely looking forward to Spring and Summer Pies! Thank you for reading along-- Don't forget to follow my blog so you can see my updates.
Ta Daaa!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!!!

In honor of Pi day, I decided to make a nice Blackberry Pie. I used a recipe that was not Betty Crocker but it is delicious nonetheless. I think the pictures tell the best story of this weeks Pie.

Before the Baking

I decided to try out a lattice topped Pie for the first time... The edges could use a little help...

I have been getting a lot inspiration the past few weeks concerning my conquest of dessert making. Pie is definitely something I hope to keep up and perfect but I do love other treats as well. I haven't really delved much into cake baking, nor decorating, but I think that may be something to try at some point? Perhaps start smaller with cupcakes? 

Nice Side View

I enjoy Pie baking because I get to piece it together and play with the visual outcome a bit, as well. If you have any thoughts, please share. In the mean time I shall keep sharing my Pies with any, and all who shall read over this kitchy blog of mine!

Finished Product!!
The lattice top here at the end leaves a little to be desired visually... I suppose some practice may help with aesthetics but the oozing Blackberries are distracting me from this delicious mess.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blueberry Pie: "With thick, fruity juice bubbling through the crust."

Blueberry Pie! Thanks to my good friend Laurie, I was able to use some lovely frozen blueberries to make this great looking pie.

Before the top was added: Pretty Purple!

This pie was pretty simple to put together and really didn't have many ingredients either. I used the two crust recipe, as usual, on page 299.  The simplicity of the Berry Pie recipe in Betty made me a smidge hesitant, seeing as how this was my first Blueberry Pie. I hope my taste testers can give me some real pointers this time.

The tips given for a frozen berry pie were pretty much, if the fruit was sweetened when frozen, use less sugar. I'm sorry but really? I had to bake this pie for almost 20 more minutes than the recipe stated, because a few of the berries were still frozen. I would also recommend putting a little foil top on the pie, so the crust will not burn because of the extra time in the oven.

Finished product!

I am sharing this Blueberry Pie with my classmates from a Poetry Writing Class, I have been taking for the past 10 weeks. Lucky, duckies.