Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterscotch Pie..."Glossy smooth... with the true butterscotchy flavor."

Wahooo! Yeah! Yay! Yippee!! Cream Pie! And may I add, if that title didn't catch you, I don't know what will.

I haven't had much experience with Cream Pies, and lets just say this one was a bit interesting. I made my Pie Crust from the one crust recipe on page 310 and proceeded to make the seemingly simple filling. 
Crust before baking.

Heating up, let alone boiling sugar, takes some time. Aside from this being a test of my patience, it really wasn't too bad of an experience. The random yoga I did in the kitchen to help pass the time was definitely a good choice, too. 
Melting the butter until golden brown... Yum!

Once the brown sugar was foaming and smelling delicious with the melted butter, I was to add a cup of boiling water. I did remove the pot from the heat before proceeding to this step but it spit up boiling sugar/ water at me while I was yelling. It was a learning experience. Everything after this was pretty simple, it just took a lot of time to wait for things to boil, take it off of the heat, add something, and boil again. I thought this interesting though, because to have a cream pie now you could just mix up a box of pudding and slap it in a pie crust.

Waiting to boil...

I grabbed a couple licks off the spoon before I poured out the filling into the pretty pie crust, it tasted butterscotchy... Success?? The Pie has yet to chill but once this is done I can add whipped cream and start the tastings...

All finished!

I would like to think that this pie adventure has had a good start. It was very fun reading through the ingredients and analogies within the Betty Crocker and to see my pie come out, somewhat how the description says, is pretty satisfying. I hope my taste testers and I have a good experience with this one!

Thank you Betty Crocker for making me use so many dishes for one pie that I had to run my dishwasher afterwards...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Florrid... The word of the Day!

Cherry Pie

Gather your belongings,
Pick each thing just so.
All of your ingredients must settle,

or your creation will not grow.
The luster will catch you,
if it all came out right.

The florridity of the cut-outs,
create such a beautiful Cherry Pie.

I wrote this poem about pie today and thought I would share : )

Thank you for a very generous donation! I will keep your name private but it will definitely help with my pie conquest.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Collage of Pie

On pages 296 and 297 of The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook there is a collage of pies. The pie on the top right of the collage looks like a blackberry pie with Christmas Tree cut-outs on the top! Basically, they all look perfect and I am wising to have something look anywhere near any of these pies.
Julie and Julia is playing next to me. I am hoping this will bring some sort of encouragement and inspiration to keep up my project. I wouldn't say I am stealing the idea, I would say it is helping me to stay inspired. Knowing other people think about food as much as I do makes me feel as though I belong to something. Food is everything to me. I had the best pulled pork today and made my very first coleslaw to go along with it. It was just amazing. I could never take credit for the pork but the coleslaw almost tastes like a coleslaw... almost.
I also spent the better half of my Sunday watching the Food Network... 

I feel the lack of funds in my very cute clutch bag, and bank account, make the aspirations of pie making a bit difficult. I am antsy to make a nice berry pie of some sort and maybe a nice rich bread... maybe an oatmeal bread because it has been so chilly out. Oatmeal is always better when it is chilly out.  I wonder if there are any pies out there with oatmeal in them? hmmm...

Should I add a Paypal thingy to this? Would anyone want to help? I feel weird asking even. Ponder Ponder

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011... The Big Idea REVEALED!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today is the first day of the new year... I am glad for the opportunity to have some new adventures. I would like to thank my mates who have followed me thus far but I am ready to REALLY have a direction with this blog -> Lengthy chat about Pie and it's greatness. 

The Big Idea:
I have decided I should learn to make pies, all sorts of pies. My Grandma Musselman's Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, has been a great inspiration for my baking and I would like to make every Pie within the Pie Section of this cookbook (around maybe 95ish). I will then write about each pie and the good/ bad that comes with this. My goal is to have mates try out each pie, MYSELF INCLUDED, and write a review on it (if they would be so kind to) here.

To be fair, I have made a handful of pies already (this could be possible with the tiny pie recipes in Betty). This however, has given me Zero knowledge on what the difference is between a custard, cream or chiffon pie. I have no idea. But I am dying to know.

I haven't really written for anyone but myself before so I apologize for the poor structure but I feel the content is worth sharing... Unfortunately, I am lacking in the funds department so the pies will take some time to really get going on, but I am anxious none the less.

Thank you for any words! I hope everyone has a great year ahead of them, happiness and adventures included <3 Oh and I hope many delicious sweets may come your way!