Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterscotch Pie..."Glossy smooth... with the true butterscotchy flavor."

Wahooo! Yeah! Yay! Yippee!! Cream Pie! And may I add, if that title didn't catch you, I don't know what will.

I haven't had much experience with Cream Pies, and lets just say this one was a bit interesting. I made my Pie Crust from the one crust recipe on page 310 and proceeded to make the seemingly simple filling. 
Crust before baking.

Heating up, let alone boiling sugar, takes some time. Aside from this being a test of my patience, it really wasn't too bad of an experience. The random yoga I did in the kitchen to help pass the time was definitely a good choice, too. 
Melting the butter until golden brown... Yum!

Once the brown sugar was foaming and smelling delicious with the melted butter, I was to add a cup of boiling water. I did remove the pot from the heat before proceeding to this step but it spit up boiling sugar/ water at me while I was yelling. It was a learning experience. Everything after this was pretty simple, it just took a lot of time to wait for things to boil, take it off of the heat, add something, and boil again. I thought this interesting though, because to have a cream pie now you could just mix up a box of pudding and slap it in a pie crust.

Waiting to boil...

I grabbed a couple licks off the spoon before I poured out the filling into the pretty pie crust, it tasted butterscotchy... Success?? The Pie has yet to chill but once this is done I can add whipped cream and start the tastings...

All finished!

I would like to think that this pie adventure has had a good start. It was very fun reading through the ingredients and analogies within the Betty Crocker and to see my pie come out, somewhat how the description says, is pretty satisfying. I hope my taste testers and I have a good experience with this one!

Thank you Betty Crocker for making me use so many dishes for one pie that I had to run my dishwasher afterwards...


  1. The pie looks great! And I'm digging the Yoga mention.

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  3. Okay, well firstly I would like to say thanks for bringing it to me at work, that was wonderful of you:) So my first thought that came to me when I tried it was that it tasted like those one hard candies, the werthers originals or whatever they are called, but thats not a bad thing. Overall I thought it was pretty good actually:) Different, I can't say ive ever had butterscotch pie. But thumbs up for your first one:)

  4. Thank you : ) I tried some last night and thought the texture was a little weird, and I agree with the hard candies comment, ha. I thought the crust was a bit salty but I am happy. I am glad you liked it!

  5. As Mom I had to give this pie a taste. I've never been a huge Butterscotch fan so I was ready to give the usual polite review but this pie has converted me. I had mine with whipped cream and it was delicious. Good job Liz!!

  6. LIZ, it's Josh. And this pie was AWESOMEEEEEEE! I ate it in about 5 seconds. I'm not much of an expert on pies, but this was top notch