Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Collage of Pie

On pages 296 and 297 of The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook there is a collage of pies. The pie on the top right of the collage looks like a blackberry pie with Christmas Tree cut-outs on the top! Basically, they all look perfect and I am wising to have something look anywhere near any of these pies.
Julie and Julia is playing next to me. I am hoping this will bring some sort of encouragement and inspiration to keep up my project. I wouldn't say I am stealing the idea, I would say it is helping me to stay inspired. Knowing other people think about food as much as I do makes me feel as though I belong to something. Food is everything to me. I had the best pulled pork today and made my very first coleslaw to go along with it. It was just amazing. I could never take credit for the pork but the coleslaw almost tastes like a coleslaw... almost.
I also spent the better half of my Sunday watching the Food Network... 

I feel the lack of funds in my very cute clutch bag, and bank account, make the aspirations of pie making a bit difficult. I am antsy to make a nice berry pie of some sort and maybe a nice rich bread... maybe an oatmeal bread because it has been so chilly out. Oatmeal is always better when it is chilly out.  I wonder if there are any pies out there with oatmeal in them? hmmm...

Should I add a Paypal thingy to this? Would anyone want to help? I feel weird asking even. Ponder Ponder


  1. Liz, as my donation, since I don't have money either, is I will ask my parents if you could have some berries from our freezer! Hope this helps the dream!

  2. That would be so awesome!! Thank you so much for the thought : )

  3. Yes! Put a little PayPal donate button on the sidebar and you'll surely receive funds to help with your endeavors. :)