Monday, February 7, 2011

Pot Pie.. Heaven?

This weekend I was scuffing around the Oregon Coast. While in Newport, I was able to have dinner with my awesome mates (April, Matthew, Svea) at a very nifty, dimly lit, Irish Pub. Nana's is in Nye Beach and full of great food! Seeing as how I am ALL about PIE though, I had to try out Bridget's Chicken Pot Pie. 

The Pot Pie came in a little crock with an amazing looking crust, baked juuuuuust right (little brown bits with soft, yet flaky peaks). After I jammed my spoon into the middle of the crust to break it apart, the steam escaped and I was soon able to mow down.

Now, most Pot Pies have a creamy sort of too rich but still good sauce. Bridget's Pot Pie was not too heavy at all. In fact, the filling was on the chunky side and the sauce was more of a nice touch. 
What I am trying to say is: Go to Nana's Irish Pub and eat this Pot Pie (or really anything you choose would be fine).

Having a classic Pie made well is a treat and I hope to try out my own soon.

PS: Blueberries.


  1. Does Nana's have a website? Or a Facebook group? I'm sure they'd appreciate the advertising. :D

  2. Next time Phil and I are in Newport we will definitely hit up Nana's. Thanks Liz.

  3. I'm very glad "Anonymous", it is a great place! Bradenator, I added Nana's on Facebook and wrote on their wall with a link. Thank you for tip!