Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011... The Big Idea REVEALED!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today is the first day of the new year... I am glad for the opportunity to have some new adventures. I would like to thank my mates who have followed me thus far but I am ready to REALLY have a direction with this blog -> Lengthy chat about Pie and it's greatness. 

The Big Idea:
I have decided I should learn to make pies, all sorts of pies. My Grandma Musselman's Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, has been a great inspiration for my baking and I would like to make every Pie within the Pie Section of this cookbook (around maybe 95ish). I will then write about each pie and the good/ bad that comes with this. My goal is to have mates try out each pie, MYSELF INCLUDED, and write a review on it (if they would be so kind to) here.

To be fair, I have made a handful of pies already (this could be possible with the tiny pie recipes in Betty). This however, has given me Zero knowledge on what the difference is between a custard, cream or chiffon pie. I have no idea. But I am dying to know.

I haven't really written for anyone but myself before so I apologize for the poor structure but I feel the content is worth sharing... Unfortunately, I am lacking in the funds department so the pies will take some time to really get going on, but I am anxious none the less.

Thank you for any words! I hope everyone has a great year ahead of them, happiness and adventures included <3 Oh and I hope many delicious sweets may come your way!

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