Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Canned Peach Pie: "Overflowing with bright, sparkly fruit and juice."

Today I made a variation of the Canned Berry Pie recipe on page 303. I also, used the two pie crust recipe from page 299. I chose the variation of using Peaches instead of a berry.
Canned Peaches taste pretty good... but not as good as canned Peaches in Pie form.

I followed the recipe according but added in less salt this time with the crust and used butter instead of shortening (I really only ever use butter, for personal preference).

The idea of cooking your Pie filling before baking it all together seems more daunting than it really is. The last Pie that called for this, the Butterscotch, was quite the ordeal. However, this nice Peach Pie was very simple. You just had to plop everything in a pot under medium-high heat and stir non-stop until it boiled up a bit.

Supposedly after this has happened you are to pour this mixture into your Pie shell and then dot with butter. After this you are to add your top crust. I kind of forgot to do the butter dotting so while my top crust was getting more and more saturated by the boiling inerds, I was cramming butter cubes through the apple-ish shaped cutouts I had made previously.
You can see the butter : )

I think it just added a little charm.

Oozing Peach goodness

Tasting this Canned Peach Pie was the best part! I rarely have a high liking for Peach flavored things but this was nice. The 3/4 cup of sugar as oppose to the full cup was a good choice and the cinnamon was a nice touch, too. I will certainly have to make this Pie again! 

(dramatic closeup)


  1. This looks SO YUMMY! I've actually been wanting to make a peach or apple pie lately! Oh how you tempt me!!!!!! :) I love your little cut outs too, so cute <3

  2. Looks great! I wish I could be there to sample the goodness =)

  3. Mom again...I just had some of the peach pie. I heated mine up a little and had it Ala-mode...WOW. I'm not sure if I've ever had peach pie before but now I know what I was missing. This one was great!!! Cherry you've got some competition!