Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raspberry Cream Pie! With Special Guests...

I know, I know... I haven't posted in a bit! Times are nutty, and unfortunately I am not referring to Pecans. Last week I started up school again and it was hectic to say the least...

This week a Pie was made - Raspberry Cream Pie!

The sad news... I was only able snap one shot of this Pie and it wasn't a very good one. 

One of my favorite people has been in town this week, Risa, and she insisted we make a Pie. Now, out of my kitchen I throwing this thing together with the help of my friends (Nate too) and we made a tastey and "homely" Pie.

The raspberries were frozen and we used a heavy cream (seeing as how a 30% cream call doesn't make much sense to me). We used the One-Crust Pie recipe, as per usual, from page 310. This Pie was also made as an 8inch and I am more familiar with ratios for a 9inch, which may not seem like a big difference but when you are used to "eyeballing" ingredients for a 9inch Pie it can make a big difference with an 8inch.

The results were delicious but soupy. My recommendation -- Always Use Fresh Fruit When Able To. And when you cannot use fresh fruit try to account for the water that will accumulate in your Pie and use flour and or corn starch to thicken it, as you see necessary (generally a few table spoons).

Making Pie with friends is definitely sweet and eating Pie with friends is sweeter! * Awwwww, moment *

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  1. I fly into town on Friday the 8th and will be there till the 17th, we should make a pie during that time!